Digestive Pelvic Floor Centre

"Care for your gut Check on your butt"

Ms. Cecillia Ho

Personal Assistant

BA (USyd) DipSW (HKPolyU)

Cecillia’s welcoming smile is not the only thing you will appreciate when you step foot into Dipelvic.  Her quality of work give a sense of peace to all those who approach the clinic, allowing them to leave feeling looked after.

Packed with experience as a graduate from the University of Sydney, supported with a Certificate 3 of Financial Services and (almost) a lifetime of social work experience, Cecillia is not as soft as she appears.

When she is in Practice management mode, she is all business with an emphatical manner towards all those who she encounters.  This is a result of having over decades of experience in the medical administrative field, she has valuable experiences working with a variety of practitioners, patients and their families.

Dipelvic provides the flexibility Cecillia enjoys which allows her to have a balance of professional and personal life while still being able to provide high quality care and required services to patients.  She is committed to her work and is continuously dreaming up ways to make Dipelvic even better than it already is.  

At times she is often referred as the office’s workaholic, her motto and mannerism can be summed up as: never give up, life is beautiful.  Outside of work, Cecillia is simply someone who fulfils her dream of enjoying the sun & beach while travelling the world, drinking in its beauties and letting her palate go on wild adventures.