​​Digestive Pelvic Floor Centre

  1. Bowel Cancer Screening
  2. Minimally Invasive treatment for haemorrhoids
  3. New treatment for faecal incontinence
  4. Management of Chronic Constipation


About DiPelvic

“We practice what we preach and We act in to your best interest. 

It is a centre for your Digestive and Pelvic Health"

Digestive Pelvic Floor Centre established since 2014. We believe a complete health care service should consist of the following 4 “E” elements:

We have fully trained clinicians and each of them has over 15 years of clinical experience. Our surgeons are well qualified for cutting lumps and bumps, repairing hernia and removing a diseased bowel. The physiotherapist and nurse are specialised in providing you the supportive care and rehabilitation after surgery. Our administrative staff are talented in getting our doctors’ book organised, their friendly and reliable attitude will ensure you to receive a seamless care throughout the journey. 

We strive for excellence. Patient safety and quality of service are important to us therefore we ensure all our innovative approach are at the latest of medicine and techniques that are clinically proven to be effective.

Easy accessibility
We will ensure you are being attended as soon as you call us. Our service provides a one stop shop service where you will be able to access to the services that are required for your condition. Service outside our practice is also easily accessible as our administrative and clinical team will coordinate for you. Our clinical and administrative staff ensure the continuity of care during transition and collaborate with all other health professionals.  You will just have a well organised service at your fingertips. 

We treat you as a person but not just only a disease. You will be actively engaged in the decision making after a thorough and comprehensive discussion about your condition, we will give you the most professional advice for your concerns and a customised management plan of your condition.