​​Digestive Pelvic Floor Centre

For suitable patients, we can offer a clinical assessment, pelvic floor physiotherapy evaluation and a comprehensive anorectal physiology assessment in one consultation. Such as patients with faecal incontinence / obstructive defeacation where they would benefit from a multidisciplinary review.

What is anorectal physiology assessment?

Anorectal physiology is a test that looks at the strength of the muscles in your anal canal to see if they are working normally, and also checks the sensitivity of the rectum to small volumes of air and its response to distension. This is followed by assessing the pudendal nerve conduction and ultrasound looking at the morphology of the anal sphincter muscles. A tiny hollow tube (catheter) / ultrasound probe are inserted into the anus to perform these assessments. These tests are performed on outpatients and no preparation, sedation or anaesthesia is required.