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General Information For Our Patients

Your Appointment

All consultations are by appointment and are made for certain amount of time. If you are expected to be late for your scheduled appointment, we appreciate your call to minimise the inconvenience to you and other patients. We recommend you to arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment to complete any paperwork prior to consultation. 

We recognise your time is valuable, we aim to keep your appointment to within 15 minutes of your scheduled time. In case of unforeseeable situation for example hospital emergency that may require our doctor’s attendance, we will keep you up-to-date the run of the schedule for any delay.

What to bring  

  • A valid GP’s or Specialist’s Referral. You will only be eligible for Medicare Rebate if you have a valid referral on your first consultation.

  • Private health insurance details

  • Medicare care card

  • All imaging, pathology (blood test) or other investigations records and reports that are relevant to your presentation

Paying for your consultation

Payment in full is required on the day of consultation. We prefer payment by Mastercard, Visa and EFTPOS. Cash is also accepted. We can submit your Medicare claim through our software management provided you have a valid referral and you have registered your bank details with Medicare. The rebate will deposit to your bank account overnight.

Consultation Fee

Fees vary depending on type of consultation, who are you seeing and the services being provided. It is best to speak to our secretary on (02) 8084 3831 to find out the possible costs for your appointment. 

Appointment Confirmation and Cancellation

Appointment Confirmation is essential. Once our secretary has contacted for your appointment, you will be sent a confirmation text message to your mobile phone 3 working days prior to your appointment date. If you do not have a mobile contact, our secretary will call to remind you. We require your notification by 5pm at working day prior. Your appointment will be automatically cancelled for the failure of doing so. In the interest of fairness to you and other patients, please contact us at your earliest should you require to reschedule or cancel your appointment. If you have difficulty reaching our secretary, please leave a detailed message on the voicemail. 

Procedure Cancellation

We require your notification for all cancellation of any procedure, 3 days prior to your surgery that are scheduled in the relevant hospital. Your notification will assist us in re-arranging the procedure for you. 


I have an urgent condition, what should I do?
We give priority to emergency presentation and we will accommodate in a timely and efficient manner if you require urgent attention to your condition. Providing as much clinical information (referral letter and investigations) as possible will assist us triaging the urgency. You can fax the relevant documents to us on (02) 8084 3881 or email us admin@dipelvic.com.au

I had a surgery few days ago, I still have symptoms and I am not sure if this is normal after the surgery?
It is within expectation if your symptoms persist for a few days after surgery. However, if the symptoms are not improving with medications given or getting worse, please contact us on (02) 8084 3831. 

I think my symptoms are getting worse and need urgent attention from the doctor after the surgery, what should I do?
You can firstly contact us on (02) 8084 3831 to let us know how your symptoms are. If you are concerned, the best thing to do is attend to your local GP, alternatively to the Emergency Department of Concord Repatriation General Hospital or your local hospital.

When should I follow up with doctor after surgery?
You will be advised for a surgical review from your doctors usually few weeks after your surgery. Your doctor will advise you the estimate time of follow up while you are still in recovery. Our secretary will then contact you to arrange this appointment 1-2 days after you have the surgery. 

How to confirm my scheduled surgery?
The Hospital will contact you on the phone 24 hours before your procedure day. If you do not receive the confirmation call by 4pm the day prior, please contact the hospital admission. 

Strathfield Private Hospital (02) 9745 7444 
Concord Repatriation General Hospital (02) 9767 6855 
Hawkesbury Hospital (02) 4560 5555 
Norwest Private Hospital (02) 8882 8802

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