What is Direct Access Endoscopy?

Direct Access Endoscopy is a streamline service for cancer screening and GI health provided by Digestive Pelvic Floor Centre based at Strathfield Private Hospital. Eligible patients will no longer require to wait for the consultation in the specialist’s room prior to the endoscopy and they will have access to service within 2-3 weeks from the referral. Direct Access Endoscopy is a no-gap billing service for patients (medicare eligible) who are adequately insured*.

*patient will be required to pay hospital excess based on the insurance policy 
*overseas or self-funded patient can contact centre for a quote for service

Who is this service for? 

Patients will be eligible for direct access endoscopy if they 

  • are under age of 80

  • have uncomplicated health 

  • take limited medication

  • are privately insured or self-funded

For patients with complicated medical background who requires endoscopy, a scheduled consultation is recommended prior to booking of procedure. A priority appointment will be given to the triaged patients for the rapid access of endoscopy. 

How to access this service? 

GP referral is required to access the service. The referral can be made to the specific doctor or the specialist team, by completing the Direct Access Endoscopy Form. The completed referral form should be either faxed (02 8084 3881) or emailed (admin@dipelvic.com.au) to the Centre. Once our admin team receives the form, the patient will be contacted for procedure booking and hospital admission arrangement. For further enquiry, please contact Digestive Pelvic Floor Centre on (02) 8084 3831.

Digestive Pelvic Floor Centre